Shipping and delivering

Shipping and delivering options

United Kingdom (England, Scotland and Ireland)

In cooperation with our partner we are able to offer weekly doorstep delivery to most parts of the United Kingdom. Shipping prices start at 60 Euro per order (no matter how many geckos are ordered) and depends on delivery area.

Orders over 750 Euro = FREE SHIPPING

IRELAND = FREE SHIPPING to Belfast / Dublin after every Hamm show. Your order must be picked up at the Dublin port or the Belfast show from our partner on the Sunday after Hamm.

Spain and Portugal
We are able to send your pre-ordered geckos or ball pythons from every Hamm show to you by Hamm - Spain - Portugal courier service. Orders must be paid in full before shipping. Please inquire about more details.

International shipping
We are able to arrange worldwide shipping directly to you. We have all necessary permits and an agent who provide air shipping for us. You need to be sure you are able to import animals to your country. Occasionally you need to obtain import permits from your government. We guarantee live arrival if delivery takes place within 48 hours after shipping and the customers picks up the reptiles.

U.S.A. shipping
Shipping is possible from every Hamm show to your door. In cooperation with DDI.

Hong Kong / Korea shipping
Shipping is possible from every Hamm show in cooperation with DDI.

For further details please contact us.