Please read these terms before placing your order

Leopard geckos and Ball pythons

We are breeders. All animals offered for sale have been bred by us. They are kept in a clean environment and fed with high quality nutrition.


LEMON FROST statement (please read before ordering any Lemon Frost combos): WE DO NOT CONTINUE IN BREEDING ANY GECKO WITH LEMON FROST GENES

The LEMON FROST gene (LF) has the ability to introduce many improvements into Leopard gecko morphs. Unfortunately, the LF gene does cause a small proportion of the population to DEVELOP TUMORS on various parts of body. Prone to developing malignant iridophore cell tumors as age sets in. Increased iridophore pigment cell imbalance causes morph coloration but also seems to be the cause of the iridophoromas. Mixing in lighter colored morphs such as hypo tangerine seems to increase symptoms. No evidence that it can be separated from the morph as what causes the unique coloration is also causing the tumors. No LF siblings ever show symptoms. When selecting animals to breed from, we work only with LF animals which has no signs od pigment change or tumor signs on complaints about DEVELOPING TUMORS cannot be entertained after purchase. Thank you for your understanding. 



Enigma statement (please read before ordering any Enigmas):

The Enigma gene has the ability to introduce many improvements into Leopard gecko morphs - for example better colour or improved and interesting body or eye pattern. Unfortunately, the Enigma gene does cause a small proportion of the population to exhibit symptoms of a disorder of the brain and the animal then starts to behave differently. The animal may display signs such as leaning to one side, walking in circles or spinning around. Nobody knows where this arises from and the disorder can occur at any time in the animals life. It is believed that this change in behaviour may be caused by changing the environment in which the animal is kept, the stress of transport or even mating. When selecting animals to breed from, I take great care in choosing Leopard geckos carrying the Enigma gene. None of my breeding animals show signs of Enigma Syndrome. I do not offer for sale, any babies showing signs of problems, but only Enigma syndrome free young. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT PURCHASED LEOPARD GECKOS WILL NOT BEGIN TO DISPLAY SYMPTOMS OF ENIGMA SYNDROME DURING ITS LIFE, EVEN IF THE ANIMAL DID NOT DO SO IN ITS YOUTH. The Enigma - a beautiful but dangerous morph of leopard gecko. Please be aware that complaints about Enigma Syndrome symptoms cannot be entertained after purchase. Thank you for your understanding. . .


All animals we sell are sexed properly, however this gives no guarantee. It is up to the new owner to check the gender within 48 hours after delivery or pick up.


Genetic quarantee

We are doing our best to ID all genes in hatched babies, but because of the increasing complexity of Ball Python combos we can not 100% guarantee accuracy of Incomplete Dominate (Co-dom) genes in our animals. 

Recessive and Heterozygous genes are always 100% guaranteed for animals produced by DOLEZEL REPTILES.




We guarantee that all animals are healthy at the time of sale.
DOLEZEL REPTILES is not responsible for any veterinary expenses or costs incurred by the buyer for any animal. If you bring any animal to a veterinarian, you do so entirely at your own expense. We will never take back a bought animal, this is to protect our collection from contagious disease



We guarantee all animals are feeding at the time of sale unless noted. Baby ball pythons hass at least 5 non asisted feedings. We do not guarantee that an animal will feed under your care. Usually it will take from a few days to weeks until a geckos or python will start eating as they need to get used to the new environment. We are always available to offer advice if or when an animal stops feeding.


The legality of owning a reptile in your city and state is your responsibility. It is not the responsibility of DOLEZEL REPTILES to know which regulations exist in your area. We do not knowingly sell reptiles to a person under the age of 18 unless we receive parental consent.



If you would like to purchase any animal from our website, please send us inquire by our web store. We are attending most main European reptile shows and are able to arrange worldwide shipping for you.

Forms of Payment

We accept cash and bank transfer payments. Inquire for other metods of payment.


Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for orders over €1500. Payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and the order must be paid in full within the agreed time. Payments are non transferable and non refundable.


Pay in full


You can pay for the reptile you choose in advance in full. After receiving your payment the reptile belongs to you and we will arrange pickup at a reptile show or direct shipping to you.


Package Deals

We will offer discounts on purchases of 2 or more animals.


Show pre-order discounts

We will offer discounts on pre-orders of Leopard geckos  and Ball pythons -10% discount for any reptile show we are attending. For pre-orders over 1250 Euro (original price) we offer -20% discount. Please check which shows we are attending in the near future.

There is no additional discount (personal pick-up at show) on breeder bundles or special offers (like a 3 + 1 FREE deal) - they are already discounted for 20-30 % of original price.


Getting your order

If you attend any reptile show which we are attending as well, you can pick up your order at our table. This is of course free of charge. In case you are not attending the show, we can arrange delivery to you. Please find all details in our shipping section.



We breed high quality geckos and pythons in order to produce high quality offspring that rival those of the best breeders out there. Our goal has never been to be in the wholesale business. However, one of the results of breeding geckos is that occasionally we have an overstock of geckos. After years of breeding, we have come to see the value in partnering with select retailers that have an outlet for this overstock. Keep in mind that these geckos and pythons come from high quality lines will make a valuable asset to any collection. Please inquire for actual offers.

Death of animals

In the unlikely event that an animal dies, the buyer must notify us immediately and email us a photo of the animal or all guarantees are nil and void. Deceased animals must be kept for further instructions and verification



We are always quick to answer any questions before and after sale.



We do not trade for re-sale. Trades that may be of interest to us are listed below.


Ball pythons - Clown / Pied / DG / Ultramel combos